Marjoleine van Sinderen Coach
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Address: Eindhoven, NL

Marjoleine believes that the best ideas and solutions are already in the person and in the group, if only they can think in a Time To Think Environment and listen inwardly.

“The Time To Think Framework produces the best independent thinking and that is exactly what I see my clients doing during coaching sessions. Clients generate their own freshest ideas, insights and solutions. If their thinking is good, so are their decisions, innovations, creativity, ideas, and insights. Because there is no external guidance during coaching, their thinking is authentic, original and genuine. It comes purely from their own inner source and wisdom. As a result, they feel an inner drive to get after it, implement things and take the next step.”

Following our breath and feeling our bodies helps us come home to who we really are, our authentic selves. As a yoga, breathing and meditation teacher, Marjoleine holds the space, creates a safe place and radiates: ‘I’ve got you. Your thoughts and feelings matter’. When needed and desired, she combines breathing with Time To Think coaching sessions so that clients can listen even more inwardly to what is truly important to them. The way we breathe affects how we think, feel and act. When we are able to listen within, we are better able to recognize our thoughts, feelings and actions, understand ourselves and have compassion for ourselves. Then we are able to listen more deeply to others and understand them better. It will improve our (work) relationships.

Marjoleine has done the Time To Think Foundation Course (Facilitator course February 2024) and helps teams create the right Thinking Environment for each other so they can come to the best innovations, decisions and actions. As a business anthropologist, she also helps teams how to listen and read between the lines when different cultures are involved. If desired, it is possible to combine this with yoga, breathing and/or meditation to help them understand what is on their minds and in their hearts and then be able to listen more deeply to each other. Your team will bond more and be able to produce better ideas and solutions.

Do you want more clarity, courage and self-confidence in your life, work or career or think about another issue that is important to you and are considering 1:1 coaching? Do you want the best brainpower and results in your team? You are welcome to contact me. Sessions can be held in English and in Dutch.

“My passion is to connect people with themselves and with others. When you listen to yourself and others with compassion, thinking can deepen and understanding can flourish.” -Marjoleine van Sinderen

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