Mary Pyne Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +353 86 8063348
Mobile: +353 86 8063348
Address: Dublin

I love working with people to facilitate better outcomes, by creating an environment where they can focus on what matters and think things through, where they can find their own answers and make decisions they own with confidence.

I help leaders cultivate independent thinking in their organisations, their teams, and their lives.

Working with individuals, I help people think clearly and creatively, encouraging them to generate their own ideas and find their own solutions.

Working with teams and groups, I help them access the highest quality thinking individually and collectively. I offer experiential programmes that enable teams and groups transform how they interact, build their collaborative and creative capacity, and make better decisions.

I am also a Senior Consultant with “Business Services For Businesses”, a consultancy that works with senior management teams to build alignment between their organisations and their people, so they can deliver on strategy and manage change.



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