mel shearsmith Coach
Mobile: +44 788 2625109
Address: Bristol

I’m a curious, creative thinker and coach for the Quiet Ones, exploring qualities of attention, silence and doing things differently.

I hold The Thinking Environment as a sacred space and I want to offer a generous space where the pace is slower, gentler and more spacious. The ground here is patient, it offers the tender to your curious inquiry, to honour a deeper relationship with your sense of time to inhabit more breath and full-body-thinking. Essentially, the quality of this space is dedicated to nurturing your exquisite, independent thinking, it is fundamentally grounded in deep care where our connection and relational attunement is where you can feel truly witnessed, where you are able to reconnect and re-balance – to find your ground. Where you matter, profoundly.

As a neurodiverse SPS (sensory processing sensitivity) introvert I’d especially love to work with you if you identify as an SPS (Sensory Perception Sensitivity) / HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), as an empath, or an introvert, as neurodivergent or struggling to find a quiet place for your voice to be heard and wanting MORE space for your thinking to fly.  

I’m especially passionate about supporting grief and feelings of overwhelm in response to the climate crisis, related environmental and societal injustices felt or experienced for all living beings on our shared planet. In whatever way this manifests for you; eco-anxiety, anger, fear, despair, etc., all complex feelings that need to belong and witnessed are welcome to be explored here and are held with muscular hope.

My coaching approach is primarily grounded in the Thinking Environment and is resourced by my history as a somatic practitioner, dancer and rebellious creative. My work and ethical landscape is informed by The Work That Reconnects, Theory U, ecopsychology and eco-anxiety, Buddhist psychology and a range of movement modalities that support deep enquiry and an exploration of different ways of being and the process of coming home to ourselves.

Specialisms:  Eco-anxiety, somatic-nature connection and creative thinking for sensitives and anyone who needs more breathing space to reconnect and think independently.

Accreditation: Time to Think Coach and ILM Coach.

Training: Climate Coaching (AoEC), Through the Door (CPA), Theory U and The Work that Reconnects.

Membership: Climate Coaching Alliance and Climate Psychology Alliance (CPA).

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