Mitzi Wyman Emergent Faculty (Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Facilitator)
Telephone: +44 781 807 1314
Mobile: +44 781 807 1314
Address: London

I began my career as a lawyer but my interest in people and culture led to a change in direction and I went on to study Organisational Psychiatry and Psychology and train as a coach. This, coupled with experience at board level in complex organisations, gives me insight into the challenges facing my clients who often find themselves working under extreme pressure and intense scrutiny.   With the Thinking Environment I am able to help them, whether in 1:1 or group situations, to slow down and access the inherent wisdom, compassion and courage that leads to wise choices and good decisions.

“Mitzi inspires me, over and over again. When I need hope for humanity, I turn to her. She reaches into the core of both the good in society and the causes of its pain. She understands what it takes to transform a situation, a team, an organisation into the finest version of itself. She manages to blend humility with confidence, detail with scope, leadership with autonomy. Her expertise and her warmth are compelling. I trust her completely. And I am grateful for her in this world.” Nancy Kline, President Time to Think

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