Monika Dimitrakopoulos-Gratz Coach
Telephone: +49 151 58814318
Mobile: +49 151 58814318
Website 2:
Address: Forstinning

I work as a coach and facilitator since 1998 and set up my own consulting business in 2003 to support organizations in terms of Leadership, Teambuilding and Change Management.

My profession is to create a framework for a focused and open minded exchange in teams in regard of their specific issues.

I believe that success in live and business is not just a matter of know how and techniques but a matter of relationship, communication and mindset.

 My passion is helping to overcome mental barriers and obstacles in collaboration by helping to get out the very best of each single person and in teams as well.

This is the moment where a Thinking Environment comes into my practice. I appreciate the enormous quality of this natural approach. The fact that all wisdom and creativity to solve problems lies within us and the quality of our thinking matters to create solutions and take decisions. I believe that e.g. corporate meetings could become a place where everyone is seen heard and appreciated for his perspectives and where outcome could be enhanced by transforming meetings into a Thinking Environment.

I´m working with groups and individuals as well. Please reach out to me for a online free call.

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