Morwenna Hart Facilitator
Telephone: +44 7816179056
Mobile: +44 7816179056
Address: Bristol

In the workplace the most important factor for employee satisfaction, wellbeing and productivity is the relationship with your manager. The last few years have continued to highlight the critical impact of people management and facilitation of teams in a hybrid world. But what is the secret to managing well?

I believe where people feel that they matter, real change can take place. I am an accredited facilitator and utilise the Thinking Environment in my approach to enable people’s best thinking in an equal and easeful space. I deliver bespoke support to you, your middle managers and their teams, introducing a range of tools to increase meeting effectiveness, inclusivity and collaborative organisational cultures.

When public sector organisations are run by authentic leaders who manage individuals with integrity and facilitate groups with ease, the impact is transformational. I believe these tools are also personally transformative through increasing self awareness and have impact beyond the workplace, spilling out into our lives and the world.

Please do drop me an email if this feels like something that you’d like to hear more about and we can have an initial chat.

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