Natasha de Stadler-Müller Faculty (Consultant, Teacher, Coach, Facilitator)
Telephone: +971 56 157 1326
Mobile: +27 82 853 5998 (WhatsApp text only)
E-mail: beingreawakened@gmail.comza
Address: Cape Town

Natasha is passionate about partnering with individuals, teams, groups and organizations to co-create engaged thinking and healing environments that enable relevant, meaningful, and sustainable change. This passion is fuelled by her heart’s desire to contribute to freedom, empowerment, authentic inclusion and positive transformation.

Proudly South African and born and raised in Cape Town during the Apartheid era, Natasha came to appreciate the privilege of access to quality education early in life – igniting her passion for learning, teaching and empowering herself and others.

After qualifying as a high school teacher and Psychometrist by 1992, Natasha worked as a Talent Management Consultant, Assessment and Development Specialist and HR Manager for a few years. She completed her M.A.  in I/O Psychology at UWC and registered as an Industrial Psychologist with the Health Professions Council SA in 1999.  In 2000, she established Assessing for Success, a boutique organisational psychology consulting practice. Core offerings included assessment centre design and delivery, leadership development, executive and group coaching, organizational effectiveness, culture change, mentoring Interns and creating thinking environments.

A lifelong learner at heart, Natasha continued to study, completing her Mastery in Professional Coaching with i-Coach Academy at Middlesex University in 2010 and qualifying as a Thinking Environment (TE) Facilitator, Coach, Consultant and Thinking Partnership Teacher by 2016. In a quest to deepen her understanding of the neuroscience of behavioural change, she trained as a Rapid Transformational Therapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist in the UK in 2017.  She also founded Being Reawakened to focus on empowerment, behavioural change and holistic healing.

During her 27 + years’ work experience, Natasha felt privileged to partner with a diversity of Clients in Africa, the UK, the USA, and the UAE to enable desired and unexpected value adding change. Client assignments included the design and delivery of several coaching programs integrating coach training, group and leadership/ executive coaching, TE training and mentoring; co-creating and delivering customised group coaching sessions to achieve transformation/ DEI, culture change or OE objectives; and delivering Transforming Meetings into Thinking Environments, TE applications and programs to hundreds of Participants in the Private, Public and NPO sectors.  The Thinking Environment contributed significant behavioural shifts including enhanced engagement, independent thinking and accountability at an individual level, and enhanced collaboration, teamwork, co-creation and inclusiveness at a group level. The quality of listening, questioning and diverse thinking also improved – contributing to building inclusive high performing cultures over time.

Natasha continues to pursue her passion for empowering Clients to work through complex behavioural, personal and culture change, and finds joy, meaning and purpose in co-creating thinking, learning, coaching and healing environments.  She believes this work truly frees, empowers and transforms people.

Currently based in Abu Dhabi in the UAE, Natasha feels privileged to be supporting Leaders from more than 60 Nationalities through transition and rapid change, including building and co-creating inclusive and engaged thinking environments.

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