Nina Geraghty Coach
Telephone: +27 82 403 7672
Mobile: +27 82 403 7672

My first encounter with the Thinking Environment was Trisha Lord’s Thinking Partnership course. It was a profound confirmation of something I already deeply knew to be true, yet had no framework for: that when you listen to another with interest and attention, something alchemically shifts between you and the other person. An invisible yet palpably felt connection is formed which results in both people feeling more: enlivened, attuned and expanded.

Since then, I’ve been on a growth trajectory to learn and experience as much as I can about this extraordinary coaching modality that is like no other: one which serves above all else, each other’s freedom, sovereignty and independent thinking.
I support businesses in two ways:

• SWITCHED ON THINKNG: offering the thinking environment coaching practice
• SWITCHED ON WRITING: offering copywriting services for all aspects of business communications

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