Paul Hatcher Facilitator
Telephone: + 44 7881 582425
Mobile: + 44 7881 582425

I help senior executives who struggle to find quality time with their loved ones learn to strike a sustainable work/life balance, and in the process actually create time to focus on their true priorities at work and home.

Having had my personal world turned completely upside down in the last five years, I have experienced a renewed sense of gratitude, joy and compassion… and a sense of urgency to see these universal values realised in the lives of others wherever possible. The beauty of truly transformational coaching is that the outcomes can have far-reaching benefits – not only for the individual but to the businesses that they work for, the colleagues that they labour with and the families and friends that they love.

Working previously in sales and broadcast media, I have built up a vast inventory of experience. My own career has had its twists and turns – from having two of my own films broadcast for ‘Dispatches’ and ‘Channel Four News’ to owning, and sadly losing, an award winning chocolate brownie business. As I facilitate the growth and watch the wonderful success of others, I have found that I am very good at making others look good – which in itself – is liberating for me.

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