Per Malmberg Facilitator
Telephone: +46 708 271 613
Address: Timmermansgatan 9, 118 25 Stockholm

18 years as manager and teacher in the Swedish Armed Force have given me experience both of direct and indirect leadership (leading through other managers and staff functions) as well as a grounding in effective teaching methods.
23 years as a consultant and being the owner of a company have provided an understanding of business and experience of management.
My motivation is to bring together the company’s need for profit with the individual’s need for meaningful work and hers or his unique situation/role.
My vocation is to get all managers and employees to work unpretentiously together to develop the business.
One of my goals as the founder of Ledarskaparna, is for the company to be the role model “the good example” of what we teach. A holistic view, simplicity, accountability and commitment are some of my core values.
Main focus for the moment is developing management teams.

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