Rachel Audige Facilitator
Mobile: +61 403 527 455
E-mail: rachel@rachelaudige.com
Website: www.rachelaudige.com
Address: Melbourne
Rachel is a Franco-Australian facilitator, trainer, speaker, coach, writer and mentor. Her sweet spot is helping organisations overcome their assumptions and unconscious biases to sharpen their ideas. She offers skills, results and strategy in innovation, leadership and marketing; all three require bravery, diversity, creativity and rigour. All three are enhanced by independent thinking.
Rachel is an experienced facilitator who is skilled at getting a group to think differently. What Time to Think has brought is an ability to ensure that they are thinking well.
She carves out time to the likes of Young Change Agents to give the mindset, skillset and toolset in social entrepreneurship to youth aged 10-21 as well as lecturing on programs such as the Bachelor of Creative Intelligence and Innovation, at University Technology, Sydney.
Rachel has worked in a wide spectrum of organisations: semi-government, agency, corporate, university and not-for-profit and has had her own strategy and innovation practice for the last 7 years. Clients include Ford, Bayer, BASF, Woodside, NAB, Medibank, CRRC, Union Pay, Tonkin, Thales, Vinci Group. She lives in Melbourne with her husband and has 3 children. In 2020, she published ‘UNBLINKERED:The quirky biases that get in the way of creative thinking…and how to bust them’. Nancy Kline’s body of work is mentioned throughout.
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