Raja Chidambaram Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: +91 9886033192
Mobile: +91 9886033192
E-mail: rajachid@rajachid.com
Website: www.rajachidambaram.life
Address: Suradhenupura Gate, Bangalore

Raja enables transformation in individuals and organizations. The areas he works are: Nurturing Leadership, Enabling Change, and Facilitating Spaces. He coaches individuals, runs leadership development series, and coaches organizations on change strategy. He also moderates meetings and workshops up to a group size of 250. 

His practice is rooted in Classical OD, Organizational Learning Theories and Theory U. He does not engage in any one-off training programs with his clients.  Most of his current work is with business organizations, even though he has worked with social development, education, and government institutions in the past.

Raja’s dream for the decade is to learn the Art of Dialogue (as described by David Bohm). He believes that most conversations that we are part of have become debates and the human race seems to have forgotten true dialogue. Hence, Raja aims at building an ecosystem to promote the practice of the ten components of Time To Think in India. 

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