Rebecca Timmins Consultant (Facilitator, Coach, Teacher)
Telephone: +44 7929 425276
Mobile: +44 7929 425276
Address: Herts,

Becca has held Leadership roles in the Financial Planning sector for over 10 years.  She discovered the Thinking Environment in 2014, when a colleague recommended that she read Time to Think.  As she began to implement the practices, she began to notice that listening more deeply really was encouraging people to think more courageously and independently. 

 She began to study the Thinking Environment in 2016 and got the bug!  Being able to implement the skills directly with an intact team as she learned gave Becca a sandpit to play in, failing, learning, and developing as she went. 

During 2020, Becca started When We Think, to bring the power of what she had learned and experienced to other teams and individuals.  She now offers Time to Think courses, coaching and facilitation.  The experience that she continues to gain in the Financial Planning business that she still works in, brings a credibility and accessibility to her work with teams.  Her experience balancing two roles, with being a mum to three boys, brings compassion to her coaching!

 Becca is always happy to have a chat if you are interested in exploring the use of the Thinking Environment in your organisation, or in coaching for yourself.

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