Ridwan Samodien Coach & Facilitator
Telephone: + 27 729178544
Mobile: + 27 729178544
E-mail: Ridwan.head@kannemeyerps.org
Website: www.kannemeyerprimaryschool.org
Address: Grassy Park

Ridwan Samodien has committed 40 years of his life working in a socio-economic disadvantaged school as a teacher for 21 years and serving 19 years as Head Master of Kannemeyer Primary School in Grassy Park.
He is the co-founder of Partners for Possibility, the flagship programme of SymphoniaSA. The internationally acclaimed programme develops conscious leaders through an extraordinary process by partnering a Business Leader with a Principal from socio-economical challenged communities. Time to Think philosophy of Nancy Kline is one of the core programmes of this initiative. Ridwan was drawn by the power and possibility of how this programme had influenced his life and pursued a structured Time to Think programme to become a Time to Think Coach under the caring guidance and auspices of Maryse Barak and Trisha Lord.

He continues to pursue another core element of the PfP programme, Flawless Consulting of Peter Block achieving having completed FC Part 2 and llke Stein’s the Art of Consulting.

Ridwan recently completed Africa’s first Ubuntu Lab, based on The Prescencing Institute’s Theory U philosophy and has together with a peer, Siddeeq Railoun, launched The Gathering OF Conscious Guardians, a space where teachers, principals, SGB members and parents gather to have a wellbeing process and conversation.

His practice is primarily directed towards Transformation and Leadership using Thinking Partnerships and other experiential methods to create learning environments that foster personal and collective change, leading towards organisational health.

He works primarily with parents, students, teachers and principals in the Western Cape, South Africa, using the Time To Think processes for transforming meetings, mentoring and facilitation.

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