Rob Bier

Facilitator (Singapore)
Rob Bier
Telephone: (65) 9643 4200
Mobile: (65) 9643 4200
Organisation: 6:30 Partners
Address: Singapore
Country: Australia/Asia Pacific
Profile: Thanks to a 25-year career in business that spanned general management, entrepreneurship, private equity, and strategy consulting, Rob’s coaching is rooted in a deep and practical understanding of the challenges of leading and building businesses. He has lived and worked in six countries, which also helps him to see multiple perspectives on issues. Coaching Experience Rob has coached full-time for five years and has trained in a number of methods to develop his skills. His clients include Apple, Credit Suisse, Edelman, Goldman Sachs, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft and P&G. Rob is equally comfortable working with the “soft” and the “hard” sides of business and people challenges. Coaching Approach Rob customizes his coaching to the needs and context of each client. He believes coaching is most effective when there is a balance between exploring the client’s underlying patterns of thought and belief, and applying these insights to the client's most challenging situations. A deep listener, he asks lots of questions, and develops creative ways for his clients to move forward. Coach Training Rob has studied coaching with Professor Chris Argyris of the Harvard Business School, at the Coaches Training Institute, and with Nancy Kline of Time to Think.
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