Sarah Miljevic

Sarah Miljevic
Telephone: +44 7759 845347
Mobile: +44 7759 845347
Address: Based in Befordshire
Country: UK
Profile: Sarah has been counselling, and mentoring for over 20 years in schools, workplaces and personal environments. Her main focus being the interaction with clients on personal, professional, financial and health issues Always ensuring effective communication with clients, understanding their situations, difficulties, confusions, and complexities .Helping clients how to plan and establish priorities so that they have a better perspective and can take right approach .Also, helping clients to indulge in activities they like and helped them relieve stress ,along with providing behaviour therapy to clients who are disturbed due to addictions and failures in life. Helping clients in adjusting and modifying goals for short-term and long-term. Sarah also specialises in the Autistic Spectrum, supporting people of all ages in all environments. Time To Think has provided Sarah with another important way to help people, to find their own solutions in a safe, listening and encouraging environment. She is particularly interested in the Therapeutic value of the one-to-one Thinking Sessions.
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