Shervarni Govender Facilitator
Telephone: +27 72 420 4754
Mobile: +27 72 420 4754

Shervarni Govender, BSc Hons (Psychology)

As the Executive Officer of People and Culture in a large multinational legal expenses insurance company, a certified coach, a registered psychometrist with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA), and an accredited Time to Think™ facilitator, I am enthusiastic about leadership, human capital, and personal mastery development, as well as for the design and facilitation of programmes geared towards enhancing team performance and productivity. Throughout my career, I have pursued my life purpose – to empower individuals, teams, and organisations through fostering shared meaning, cultivating skills and capabilities, and creating unity for change that not only sustains but propels excellence. In doing so, I draw on my skills in Human Resource Development (HRD), Organisational Development, Change Management, Employee Engagement, and Culture Alignment, as well as on strategies aimed at facilitating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB).

For individuals, I give attention to improving self-awareness and guiding the exploration of strengths and developmental areas in a psychologically safe and supportive environment where growth flourishes. I love connecting with individuals across different backgrounds and life-stages, wherein I am able to create an atmosphere for independent thinking to aid them maintain focus on their goals and aspirations.

For teams, my approach is to optimise their performance through diagnosing challenges, unearthing what is good and serving the team and business, followed by co-crafting programmes that are not just current but future-fit, tailored to their bespoke needs. Through this holistic methodology, participants gain insights, feel valued, and are enabled to reach for their north star.

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