Sibylle Sharon Coach, Facilitator
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Hi, I am Sibylle Sharon

Personal Life Coach, Certified Trainer and Facilitator

I am a personal life coach, trainer, and facilitator, helping clients like you manifest a life you will love to live. With a unique combination of experience and practical knowledge, I work to make you understand the impact your quality of mind has on all your actions and results. As well as enabling you to master your mind by introducing you to the power of consciousness.

I have a large repertoire of coaching methods which include Nancy Kline’s Thinking Environment, Time to Think Coaching, Consciousness Coaching and the Enneagram assessment. Through these methods, I am able to facilitate you to shift from reactive to creative living. Following the 80/20 coaching rule, I focus on awareness, passion and purpose, all culminating in a unique process that is guaranteed to move you forward and help you achieve your full potential.

I offer a unique range of coaching services including one-on-one, group or team coaching for entrepreneurial, corporate and non-profit sectors.

Coaching Qualifications:

CCA Consciousness Coach and Certified Trainer, ICF ACC

Time to Think Coach and Facilitator

iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram Accredited Practitioner


English and German



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