Sinem Cakir Coach
Telephone: + 44 7732 809583
Mobile: + 44 7732 809583

Sinem Cakir is the former Chief Executive of an award-winning and systems changing public health charity, MAC-UK. Spanning a 15 year career across the social sector, Sinem’s main area of experience is in working alongside and co-producing solutions with under-served communities and excluded individuals. Sinem remains committed to working with people and communities from all backgrounds, whether at a point of difficulty or challenge in their lives or at points of change and aspiration, for example with entrepreneurs and change agents. Whatever their life or career stages or wherever they are on their leadership journeys, Sinem’s aim is to remove roadblocks – whether personal or systemic – so that people can get on and thrive. Sinem completed the Clore Social Leadership Programme in 2013 as a specialist Youth and Social Justice Fellow and is currently coaching, consulting and facilitating a number of people and programmes, such as with Hatch Enterprise.

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