Sonja Davies Facilitator
Telephone: +27 82 564 4631

Sonja has a passion for people, lifetime learning and thinking outside the box. She is driven by the ‘big picture’ and is skilled at guiding teams and individuals to remain aligned to their core purpose, whilst also determining the necessary details.

Her skill and expertise as a facilitator are thanks to 20 years of facilitation in Project Planning, Strategic Development, Conflict Resolution, Problem Solving, Team Building and Skills Training; across numerous industries. She has worked with Start-Ups, SMME’s, Corporate Companies, Government Departments and the Not-for-Profit sector, helping them simplify, prioritise and solve their challenges. Sonja has an inherent ability to engage with people in a meaningful way and has a keen interest in education, particularly the perceived and existing gaps in the Education System. As such she is currently in her third year of a 4 year Bachelor of Education degree – Senior & FET Phase. She believes that a vital pillar in achieving the sustainable development of poor, vulnerable and marginalised communities, is the education and skills development of the children and youth of those communities.

Sonja says: “My journey to becoming an accredited Time to Think facilitator was a rich and rewarding experience for me personally. It shifted my ‘way of being’ and added a whole new dimension to my role as a facilitator and the work I love doing. The Time to Think accreditation underpins my experience and expertise, allowing me to further impact the individuals and groups I work with”.

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