Sophie Hooks Coach
Mobile: +44 7832995636
Address: Devon

I help busy parents take time to think. 

 My passion and love for learning started during my first year of teaching in 2008, where I discovered how young children learn best.  Using a child centred approach (similar to that of the schools in Reggio Emilia, Italy) I worked very hard at developing a classroom where the children could be independent and follow their own interests as much as possible.

 When starting a family of my own in 2013, we decided to home educate so that I could instill a love of learning in my own children.

 Having discovered ‘Time to Think’ in Lockdown 2020, I was amazed at how this way of being resonated with my parenting/teaching style.

 I’m a qualified Time to Think Coach and I now have my own ‘family coaching’ business, ‘Your World of Thinking’.  I chose this name because I realised that our culture rarely starts in an adult’s or child’s own world of thinking and most of the time we are told what to think.

 From my experience, there are so many differences between us all, that a personalised approach to helping parents and children instills confidence, peace and freedom to learn.

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