Susan Martin Coach
Telephone: +33 7900 306770
Mobile: +33 7900 306770

Susan Martin has over 20 years coaching and mentoring experience in a range of industries private, public and third sector.  She has worked with C-suite and management teams, high potential individuals, aspiring non-executive directors, as well as individuals in career transition. Her mentoring has a focus on women in the financial services industry.

It was through a professional network in 2002 that she met Nancy and attended several workshops and practitioner programmes.  She utilised her learning for coaching and mentoring, as well as for managing meetings, awaydays, workshops and mediation.  In 2004 she qualified as a life coach and in 2005 as an NLP Master practitioner.  She is an alumnus of Roffey Park’s organisational development and consultancy programmes. These opportunities reinforced her learning with Nancy.

She combined her executive career with coaching and mentoring and a non-executive interests. In 2015 Susan launched and led a successful £20 billion pension services business.  Since mid-2019 she has focussed on coaching, mentoring and non-executive roles. As part of this transition she revisited her learning with the Thinking Environment and re-qualified as a Coach in 2020 with Ruth McCarthy. She also trained with LHH on career transition.

Susan understands the challenges of identifying and retaining clarity of purpose, working with stakeholders and focussed execution.  The current environment requires businesses to adapt rapidly to survive. The effect on individuals can be profound.  Lack of space to think, virtual, rapid decision making, and personal career transition can all take their toll.

She works in person, over the telephone or virtually, building rapport whilst supporting individuals to improve their self-knowledge and the quality of their listening, thinking and decision making.  Susan has been described as warm and insightful and builds a safe and creative environment.

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