Svenja Keller Coach
Mobile: +44 78 678 638 91
Organisation: Svenja Keller Ltd
Address: Worcestershire

I empower people to make their own decisions around money and life. 

I combine my knowledge and experience from working in financial services for over 20 years with coaching skills. I am a Chartered Financial Planner, but what I offer is different to financial advisers. I don’t advice on or sell financial products. I am completely unbiased. I coach and mentor, and, where required, I provide information, tools, and guidance to help my clients make informed decisions. 

Money and life are intrinsically linked. You can’t plan your life without understanding your finances. At the same time, you won’t be able to create a financial plan without knowing what your values, purpose and life goals are. With me, you can explore both at the same time. You can take control of your finances and you can make your money and life meaningful to you.

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