Tessa Whyatt Coach, Facilitator
Telephone: +27 84 980 5319
Mobile: +27 84 980 5319
E-mail: tessawhyatt@gmail.com
Website: www.tessa.co.za
Address: Cape Town

After schooling in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Johannesburg, I did my B.A. studies at the University of Cape Town with a double major in Art (sculpture) and Psychology. In 2002 I headed to England to study for a masters in Art Psychotherapy from the University of Hertfordshire. I returned from my time in the UK with an M.A. in one hand and a boyfriend in the other! That man happily became my husband and we have two young boys keeping us on our toes in the leafy suburbs of the mother city.

I registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa and began working with NGOs in township schools and in the child health sector. I then studied Time To Think, finding a new understanding of what I’d been doing in my therapy work all along. This led me to pursue this avenue further to become a TTT facilitator and a TTT coach. I worked with many groups focusing on teambuilding. And I integrated the coaching into my one-to-one Art Therapy. In the last few years I’ve been doing regular leadership workshops with teenagers in the NGO field; offering an eclectic mixture of art, drama, movement, mindfulness practice and Time To Think.

I enjoy working with diverse groups of people, tailoring sessions and workshops to suit the needs of individuals. I love designing workshops and playing with the components, combining all my learnings to create flexible sessions aimed to enhance personal growth. My passion is helping people see the best in themselves and nurturing that through the thinking environment.
I continue to use my own art as a tool to process difficult thoughts and feelings.

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