Toby Solheim Coach
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Thoby is a former investment banker working turned executive coach. Grounded in his corporate experience and coach education, Thoby supports the development of professionals and their organisations.

Corporate background:

Thoby spent nearly 20 years in Investment Banking in the UK and South Africa as an emerging markets salestrader, rising to a Divisional Director, Manco member and Head of Sales and Trading at Macquarie Securities South Africa. At Macquarie, he was responsible for equities sales & trading, risk, equity swaps, electronic execution, trading technology and account management. Thoby has worked in a front-line client-facing role on trading desks for Robert Fleming and HSBC in London, and Deutsche Bank and Macquarie in Johannesburg, managing relationships with some of the largest institutional fund managers and hedge funds worldwide. Thoby was involved in many of the major South African capital-raising deals and international listings and was fortunate to have been part of three number-one rated global teams for South African securities. Since leaving the markets in 2013 Thoby has immersed himself in coaching education whilst building an executive coaching practice. After an adventure of 19 years in South Africa, he has returned home to the UK and works face-to-face or digitally anywhere in the UK and Europe.

Coaching perspectives:

Thoby is a WABC Certified Business CoachTM (CBCTM), holds a Masters in ManagementCoaching and has a strong track record in corporate in leadership and client-facing roles.His experience lies in professional self- development, leadership, transition, performance and work/life harmony.

His coaching perspectives are:

  1. Time to Think focused (co-creating asecure environment to exploreunfettered thinking);
  2. Neuroscientific (neuroscientificinsights to assist with behaviour

change, stress management, problem solving and creativity);

  1. Solutions-focused (as opposed to problem focused);
  2. Self-Development focused (helping cultivate self-awareness and responsibility as agents of change);
  3. Results focused (being able to manage the needs of the organisation and its professionals during the coaching process).

Thoby has coached at all levels of management in varied sectors including banking, investment management, accountancy, shipping, beverages and the law in the UK and South Africa.

Qualifications and coaching credentials:

  • ü  WABC Certified Business CoachTM (CBCTM) (2019)
  • ü  World Association of Business Coaches Professional member
  • ü  Thomas PPA International Practitioner (2019)
  • ü  RTC Leadership & Coaching Fast Track CCI Programme (2019)
  • ü  Neurozone Certified Coach (2018)
  • ü  Time to Think Coach (2017)
  • ü  MPhil First Class in ManagementCoaching GSB University of Stellenbosch(2015)
  • ü  MPhil research thesis: “RecoveryCoaching for Professionals” (2015, votedtop Master’s thesis in the university)
  • ü  Recovery & Wellness Coach (2014)
  • ü  Psychology of Eating Coach (2013)
  • ü  MA Cambridge University (1996)
  • ü  BA (Hons) Cambridge University (History2.1, 1992).
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