Ulla Stolt Gustafsson

Ulla Stolt Gustafsson
Telephone: +46 760 181 139
E-mail: slingan60@hotmail.com
Country: Sweden
Profile: I have spent almost thirty years as a manager in different service and selling areas. The first part of those thirty years, I introduced and work as a Telemarketing team manager in Conoco. The second part, I worked with reorganisations within the service and production areas. And for the last fifteen years I have been working with service, security and safety. Working with people is to be present and available, to listen, to demand and follow up. And at the same time have the strengths to set limits and listen to yourself. In Time To think I got the possibility to find the best way to support both people around me and myself - The Thinking Environment. You are more than welcome to get in touch with me whenever you need a Time To think coaching session.
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