Vera Wehrle Coach
Telephone: +27 82 785 5389
Address: Bishopscourt Village, Cape Town, South Africa & Reichenau, Germany

Vera is a business & life coach / thinking partner and offers one-on-one, online & face to face coaching in English and German.
She helps people like you to gain clarity, confidence and direction to create a business and a life worth having – filled with joy, energy, satisfaction and meaning.
Vera grew up in Germany in a family of vegetable farming entrepreneurs. After earning a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, she held management positions in corporate companies and owned small businesses in South Africa and internationally. She has more than 30 years of experience in industries such as information technology, tourism, banking, shipping, the oil industry, pigeon racing and coaching.

She qualified as a Time to Think coach in 2010 and believes a Thinking Environment declutters your mind and feelings.
It opens your capacity to think and feel your way to the answers uniquely right for you.
The most amazing, unexpected and liberating results are created and clarity, confidence and direction evolve from this inevitably!

Her client Adam (Research consultant) says: “Vera’s guidance and insights have made a direct impact on the profitability of my work and my competence as an entrepreneur. Vera skilfully moves between providing me with the space and support to do my best thinking and giving me the insights, advice and information that I need.”
Vera lives and works in two equally beautiful and yet very different places at opposite ends of the world – Cape Town in South Africa and the island of Reichenau in Germany where she was born, went to school and studied. Both are home to her and being part of these two communities and working with her German and English-speaking clients makes her heart sing!

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