Wei-lin Chee Facilitator
Telephone: +65 98296818
Mobile: +65 98296818
E-mail: weilin.chee@gmail.com
Address: Singapore

On a mission to restore good thinking and stimulating conversations at a heart-to-heart level that is beyond digital bytes.

Started out as a litigation lawyer. Then turned trainer, coach and facilitator 15 yrs later and has never turned back since. Been at it now for over 20yrs.

I am curious about leadership. I completed my Masters in Organisational Leadership in 2008 and am now working with leaders at all levels and generations in different sectors of society. From leaders in the public and private sector to those serving in non-profit organisations. I am particularly keen on raising a new generation of leaders that will serve their generation well in their time. I have been privileged to work with individuals and organisations within Singapore, the ASEAN region and the Middle-East from time to time.

Wei-lin’s facilitation and coaching approach has been deeply influenced by Nancy Kline’s work in Time to Think. As a certified Time to Think Facilitator, she now frequently integrates a Thinking Environment in her work with organisations and individuals to encourage independent thinking. She enjoys facilitating Thinking Environment workshops especially the bespoke applications of Transforming Meetings and Time to Think Council.

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