Wiebke Nedel Consultant (Facilitator, Coach, Teacher)
Telephone: +27 76 879 0714
Mobile: +27 76 879 0714
E-mail: wiebke@wiebkenedel.com
Website: www.wiebkenedel.com

Wiebke works as leadership coach, facilitator & wilderness guide worldwide. Originally from Germany her home now is South Africa and much of her time is spent in the Himalayas. For the past 25 years she has been devoting her work and life to personal and leadership development in a global context.

With society, economy, climate and global and local systems at a tipping point, we are faced with the need to transform and adapt – often faster than we feel capable. Questions such as “Who am I called to be in this time?” and “If I was unafraid who would I be capable of being?” or “How do I transform my business to be relevant and sustainable for the emerging future?” are where Wiebke offers igniting skill that catalyzes results. She works across sectors and hierarchies cross-generational and cross-cultural. She is agile, sincere and committed to bringing out her clients’ best thinking and therewith their best self and best possible results – in individual as well as group settings.

The use of wilderness as a tool for growth and self-recognition plays a key role in her work. She coaches individuals using the Time to Think methodology. While her global clients are bound to zoom, locally she takes many of her clients into nature, a thinking environment second to none.

As a mountain guide and coach her clients join her on journeys to Nepal for personal wilderness journeys – climbing peaks and trekking in ancient terrain that lends itself to personal journeys into the inner and outer wilderness.

As a Vision Fasts guide Wiebke supports those who are looking to connect with nature and themselves stepping into the ancient wisdom and ceremony of deep solo wilderness immersion.

In South Africa and Nepal she runs wilderness and community based Social Justice and conscious global citizenship courses for groups of professionals, academics & young adults from all over the world. Both foster a deep understanding of common humanity and interconnectedness, a sense of co-ownership and co-responsibility that galvanizes the will to act towards personal and global change.

As an associate of Leaders’ Quest, Wiebke works with global corporate leaders on changing their business practice to creating a more equitable and sustainable world as change facilitator and deep immersion coach – here her skill is to enable dialogue across cultural, economic and social divides to create lasting change in business practice. She has worked in India, China, USA, Canada, Zambia, Kenya, South Africa, Indonesia, UAE, Brazil, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Germany & the UK.

Wiebke holds a MA in Education, English Language & Literature and Fine Arts (Germany). She is a certified Mountain- and Vision Fast guide (South Africa/ USA) and has advanced training in the Theory U practice through the Presencing Institute.

When she doesn’t work she climbs mountains, rides her bicycle, kayaks in the ocean and paints expressive large sized canvases in acrylics.

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