Country : UK

When: Supervison/ mentoring dates by mutual by agreement
Time: Typically 1- 1.5hours
Where: Phone, Skype or in West London in person
Led By: Anne Hathaway
Price: £

‘Pay as you go’ or book a series of sessions at a preferential rate

For more details of a typical supervision/mentoring session with Anne, please go to: To arrange an initial conversation, without obligation, email her at

When: Supervision / mentoring - dates and times by mutual agreement
Time: Typically 1.5 hours for 1:1, for groups 1.5 -3 hours -
Where: Phone, Skype / Zoom, or 1:1 in person in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, or in person in groups, Central London
Led By: Linda Aspey
Price: £

£ Depends on a number of variables, quotes on request plus VAT

For more details visit or contact Linda at