This 2 day course and practicum practice and reflect on the Time To Think Supervision Process for groups, peers and individuals and reviews the Code of Practice for Coaches and Mentors.

You are required to be an accredited Time To think Coach as a pre-requisite for taking the course.

Presented by Nancy Kline or a Faculty member
Maximum participants, no more than 4

Country : UK

When: 5 meetings a year, dates and times to be agreed between group members
Time: 3 hrs
Where: Zoom
Led By: Linda Aspey
Price: £ 750

This is for a fixed group of 6 people who want to reflect, discuss and learn in a supportive, generative Thinking Environment. Members can bring any aspect of their individual, team, group or organisational development work for exploration. For more visit or contact Linda at

When: 19 & 20 January 2021
Time: 09.00 - 16.30
Where: The Work Station, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, S1 2BX
Led By: Sophie Stephenson
Price: £ 1390

To book, please contact Sophie on 07791 015565 or book at