Experiencing the Thinking Environment’s power to produce equity and inclusion in diversity-rich groups.

This programme begins with an exploration of the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment, suggesting that the application of these Components has a profound effect on the thinking of individuals and groups.

You will are introduced to the theory and practice of Thinking Pairs, and learn about the place of assumptions in the creation and maintenance of our individual and group identities; and how to build Incisive Questions to replace untrue limiting assumptions with true liberating ones, helping us to think better with each other.

Country : Fully Online

When: At a time and place to suit you (optimally 2 days)
Where: Online over zoom or at a venue provided by you
Led By: Mitzi Wyman

Daily consultancy rates with special rates for NHS and public sector.
The course fee Includes an Initial call to discuss your team/organisation’s needs so that the material used to generate thinking is relevant and meaningful. Visit https://www.mitziwyman.com/diversity to learn more.

When: 28 & 29 January
Time: 4:30pm to 8pm Singapore time
Where: Online
Led By: Khyati Kapai, ICF PCC
Price: SGD 700

To attend a taster session or register for the course, please email k_kapai@yzer.com.sg.  For more information, please visit: https://yzer.com.sg/thinking-environment/.