Qualifying to use the Thinking Session in coaching.

The Coaching Course (2+2 days) deepens the expertise and knowledge you gained from The Thinking Partnership Course, equipping you to take this process into your coaching practice.
The course also introduces the ‘Spectrum of Independence’, addressing the place of this process in the world of coaching.

Completing this course, you then would undertake the Practicum work, supervised by a Time To Think Faculty member.

Successfully completing that work, and joining the Time To Think Collegiate, you would become qualified as a Time To Think Coach.

This programme is also a pre-requisite for the Thinking Partnership Teachers Qualifying Course

Presented by a Faculty member
Maximum participants, no more than 6

Country : Singapore

When: 2024-2025 dates to be arranged with those interested (courses run in Singapore, Hong Kong and also online)
Time: This is a 4-day course usually run 9:30am to 5:30pm inclusive of lunch and tea breaks (online sessions usually run as half-day options)
Led By: Khyati Kapai, ICF PCC
Price: SGD 4200

Bursary, discounts and phased payments are available on application.

After attending the course, participants will engage in a practicum journey to qualify as Time to Think Coach.   

The Coaching Course has been approved by ICF for 28 CCEUs (25 core competencies) and the course practicum has been approved by ICF for an additional 30 CCEUs (28 core competencies).   

The course fee includes up to 8 hours of individual practicum supervision and a post-course group CPD session.   

To register for the course, please email k_kapai@yzer.com.sg.  For more information, please visit:?https://yzer.com.sg/thinking-environment/.