Are you interested in groups and the Thinking Environment? This is the place to start.

The Foundation Course (2 Days) introduces you to the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment and their eight group applications. You will explore Thinking Pairs, Dialogue, Rounds, Open Discussion, Meetings, the Council and Facilitation. Any of these applications will help you turn groups and organisations into Thinking Environments.

You will also see one Thinking Partnership demonstration in order to consider its importance for leaders in creating Thinking Environment cultures.

This course is also a prerequisite for the Facilitator Qualifying Course.

Presented by Nancy Kline or a Time To Think Consultant
Maximum participants 12

Country : Asia-Pacific

When: 24 & 25 August
Time: 2-6pm Singapore/HK time
Where: Online
Led By: Khyati Kapai
Price: S$ 1400

(bursaries are available where appropriate)

Note: Additional individual Thinking Sessions for each participant.  To book or for more information on the dates of other runs planned in 2021, please contact Khyati Kapai at  Website: