Using the Thinking Environment to produce independent thinking in meetings.

Country : UK

When: On demand - enquiries welcome
Time: 3 x 2 hour workshops on consecutive days
Led By: Fiona Dawe
Price: £ 300

For further information please contact Fiona at or 07969598548 and

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When: At a time and place to suit you - either 1 day or spread over 2 ½ days
Where: Online over zoom or at a venue provided by you
Led By: Mitzi Wyman
Price: plus VAT

Daily consultancy rates with special rates for NHS and public sector
The course fee Includes an initial call to discuss your team/organisation’s needs so that the material used to generate thinking is relevant and meaningful.
There is a follow-up call with the programme sponsor to de-brief and review progress a month after delivery.
To learn more contact me at or visit 

When: 8 June
Time: 9.30 -17.00
Where: The Leatherhead Institute, Leatherhead, Surrey
Led By: Anneke Panman
Price: £ 300 plus VAT
07788 580872