Time To Think
Listening To Ignite The Human Mind
by Nancy Kline

Price : £9.99

This book tells the story of the Thinking Environment. It is woven elegantly with theory, practical sessions, and with results from its use in leadership, in organizational change and in coaching, in team development and in the building of business and personal relationships of stunning quality and depth.

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More Time To Think
The Power of Independent Thinking
by Nancy Kline

Price : £9.99

This book is both a good place to start and a superb place to continue your understanding of this important theory and process. Time To Think and More Time To Think walk hand in hand.


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Living With Time To Think
Nancy Kline

Price : £4.99

In this book Nancy takes the Thinking Environment into a more personal realm,answering questions that her three goddaughters asked her when they were young.