Time To Think teaches people how to create Thinking Environments so that everyone at every level can think for themselves.

Through our courses and sessions we can make a measurable difference to you. For example:

  • The Havers' Masters study found a 95% consisitency in the outcomes of meetings held in a Thinking Environment, including that these meetings time and again:
    - Produced a measurable, positive impact on performance indicators of organisations
    - Generated better ideas, solutions and decisions
    - Created an environment in which people felt valued and equal
    - Achieved resolution faster
    - Gave rise to greater participation and involvement from everyone
    - Fostered productive working relationships

  • A pharmaceutical research team rescued a £90,000,000 product in less than an hour.
  • A top government agency saved 62% of Senior Management time over six months.
  • A chief executive reflected, 'Because of our use of the Thinking Environment, the quality of life for this team now is exceptional. How can you put a monetary value on people openly demonstrating respect toward one another, and as a result, thinking better together?'
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