Do you wish your meetings could produce the finest thinking from everyone?
Do you want your meetings to encourage, engage and energise people?

Groups that become Thinking Environments consistently produce meetings of this calibre.
And they save time and money as a result.

The programme (2 days plus follow up) teaches groups how to use the meeting structure of a Thinking Environment® to engage each person's mind fully; to produce respectful; robust discussion; to make compelling presentations and to make decisions of exceptional quality.

The  programme also includes a real-time business meeting, achieving concrete business results. It includes the Time To Think Council, an elegant means of accessing peer knowledge and experience.

Havers research


Presented by Nancy Kline, or a Time To Think Consultant

Maximum particpants 12, optimum 8

Cost - Daily consultancy rates

For enquiries or further information, please contact the UK office on 020 8560 4838  or email

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