Thinking Partners Development Day

Can you imagine a world in which everyone is an expert Thinking Partner? This one-day workshop takes a step in that direction by renewing and deepening your Thinking Session skills.

Through practise, demonstrations and reflection participants experince afresh the breakthrough beauty of this process.

A one-day workshop for Thinking Partnership graduates

Presented by Nancy Kline
Maximum 6 participants
Fee - £425 + VAT

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Hand Them The Moon

Neuroscience, Conflict and the Thinking Environment

Is peace important to you? This one-day workshop explores through discussion, practice and reflection these questions:

- How do we keep thinking beautifully in disagreement?

- How can Incisive Questions help us become good at dealing with conflict?

- How does neuroscience explain the power and challenge of this experience?

This workshop derives from this challenge: 'Can you say what you need to tell me as if you were handing me the moon?'

Maximum - 8 participants
Fee- £395 + VAT

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