The  Thinking Environment

Thinking Caps Off - Nancy Kline, Personnel Management
Catalytic Converter - Nancy Kline, Coaching At Work
Positive Thinking For The Voluntary Sector - Nancy Kline, Volunteering England Online
Revealing Practices - Christina Breene, AMED Journal
Working With Words - Helena Dolney, Mail & Guardian Online
The Thinking Board - Fiona Dawe, Governance 2015
Incisive Questions, Remove Limiting Assumptions and Set The Mind Free - Lucy Faulkner, Bluekite Coaching Blog
Creating Time To Think - Neslyn Watson Druee, Public Service Review
Time For A Rethink - Linda Aspey, Developing Leaders
Breaking Glass - Women & Men: Changing Leadership - Nancy Kline, BBC Publications
Games People Play At Work - Nancy Kline, Cosmopolitan
The Thinking Environment Organisation - Nancy Kline
Attention - The Stunning Catalyst - Nancy Kline
Interruption As Assault - Nancy Kline
Interest, Not Patience - Nancy Kline
Importance Of Each Component - Nancy Kline
Time To Think - An Imperative Of Behaviour, Not Time - Nancy Kline
Experiencing The Unknowable - Nancy Kline
Do What Works - Nancy Kline
Why I Am Hopeful - Nancy Kline
Equality - Nancy Kline
Not Set In Stone - Nancy Kline
Never Heard Music - Nancy Kline
You Matter: Do Apple Products Create A Thinking Environment? - Nancy Kline
The Thinking Environment: A Force For Positive Change - Dr Alex Goudie
Sales In A Thinking Environment - Shirley Wardell
Narcissistic Personality Disorder: Me, Myself And I - Christopher Spence
The Growing Ideas Process: Innovation In A Thinking Environment - Dee Ramsayer
Public Speaking In A Thinking Environment - Michael Charlesworth
The Thinking Environment And Merger Integration - Alan H A Frost

Coaching in a Thinking Environment

Coaching In A Thinking Environment - Nancy Kline
What Happens In The Silence? The Real Art Of Coaching - Nancy Kline
The Thinking Environement Road Test - Linda Aspey, Coaching At Work, March 2014
Why We Need To Stop Asking So Many Questions - Linda Aspey, AICTP Summer 2012
Why We Need To Stop Asking So Many Questions, and what to do instead (Part 2) - Linda Aspey, AICTP Winter 2012
Time To Think In A Fishbowl - Liz Gooster, Meyler Campbell Community blog 2010
More Time To Think In A Fishbowl - Liz Gooster, Meyler Campbell Community blog 2012
The Art Of Coaching - Thinking Partners -  Linda Aspey, Therapy Today
Tools Of The Trade - Carole Wilson, Training Journal
Tools Of The Trade At Work - Ruth McCarthy, Training Journal
Coaching For Transformation: Diversity, Power And Gender - Dr Sunny Stout Rostron, SAPIA
Integrated Experiential Coaching - Lloyd Chapman, with Dr Sunny Stout Rostron
Who Is The Expert? - Nancy Kline
Helping To 'Generate' Thinking - Nancy Kline
Silent, Incisive Questions & Client Stories - Nancy Kline
Incisive Questions - Nancy Kline
The Epidemic of Obedience - Nancy Kline
Questions In A Thinking Partnership Session - Nancy Kline
Time To Think as a Mindful Coaching Approach, Marion Miketta
How Mindfulness Can Help Your Practise, Micheal Heuerman
Time To Think - NLP In Action?- Michael Cahil
The Power Of The Incisive Question - Caroline Allen

Transforming Meetings

Create Space To Think And Get Better Results More Of The Time - Alyse Ashton, AoC
Making Meetings Matter, Non-Profits And The Thinking Environment - Ruth McCarthy
Training For Taxing Times - Jonathan Webb, Overview
Transformative Listening - Nancy Kline
Reflections On Transforming Meetings Day - Nancy Kline
Further Transforming Meetings Reflections - Nancy Kline
MBTI Preferences And Meetings In A Thinking Environment - Caroline Allen

Neuroscience & The Thinking Environment

Emotional Intelligence And The  Amygdala: Towards The Development Of The Concept Of The Limbic Leader In Executive Coaching -
Prof. Paul Brown, Dr. Tara Swart & Jane Meyler, NeuroLeadership Journal
SCARF: A Brain-Based Model For Collaborating With And Influencing Others - David Rock, NeuroLeadership Journal

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